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A hiatus yes, but plans… have shifted!

by SirLady on August 4, 2015

Its been a great ride being in the indie scene throughout the years. I’m lucky to have been blessed with great people in my life both personally and professionally who believed in the work. And because of that, I was able to personally broker and score projects to some of the greats.

Things have shifted now, I live in Montana, and have fell in love with the luxury vacation rental market, which I simutaneously was doing alongside the music in Woodstock NY. It very successfully took of, thus the move out west for further expansion.  So my days are now spent a bit different than a year ago, but I still write often, and for anyone who is looking, I have an extensive catalogue available for license.

Moving forward, all the music updates and much of the catalogue will be on Twitter and SoundCloud. I’ll also be releasing an upcoming album over the fall with some of the work done during the past two years. A lot of treasures that will make that real music lover happy!

So for now, enjoy download and share what you like from the links below!




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