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Foodie Friday – Chinese New Year Dinner Party

by SirLady on February 8, 2013

We turn to the fine folks at Saveur magazine who pulled together a truly celebratory menu for the year of the snake:


Chinese New Year is a festive occasion to gather around the table with loved ones. The diverse flavors of the holiday’s traditional dishes—from sweet rice dumplings to spicy, garlicky daikon cakes—form a perfect centerpiece to a memorable meal shared with family and friends.

  1. A Chinese New Year feast is first and foremost about family. Sharing the meal family-style is part of the fun—if you have a lazy susan for the middle of the table, even better.
  2. It’s best to prepare the daikon cakes and dumplings the day before; they refrigerate well, and the extra time will ensure that the mixtures hold together.
  3. Long noodles symbolize longevity, so the longer the better to start out the new year. For more noodle recipes, try Everyday Fried Noodles andStir-Fried Rice Vermicelli.
  4. Stir-fries are ready to eat in a matter of minutes: Prep the ingredients ahead of time and cook just before serving.
  5. For a simple dessert, try platters of fresh fruit such as tangerines and melons, or savor a cup of Yuanyang, the sweet milk coffee-tea drink from Hong Kong.



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