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Foodie Friday – Cooking With Artichokes

by SirLady on January 18, 2013


Sometimes meals in our kitchen are predicated on what we have bought that we must use before it goes bad.  Tonight, it looks like we are having artichokes.

Artichokes have many health benefits:

  • Helps throwing cholesterol from body by supporting bile secretion in liver and it reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by liver.
  • Artichoke is said to protect liver from infections and toxin. As liver is considered as the cleaner of body, this vegetable is of great importance for body.
  • It is also said that artichoke leaves reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Artichoke is a great supporter for people with diabetes as it balances blood sugar.

Artichokes are also a very versatile product and can be prepared in many different ways.

The most basic recipe (that ANYONE can do),  is to steam it up and serve with some hot melter butter for dipping.  Just as simple as that recipe is this one, which calls for roasting the artichoke.      Simple, satisfying and delicious.

Raw Artichokes are divine.  Why not couple it with some parmesan and mint in the form of a salad?

But your craving a decadent pasta you say?  Try this Fettuccine with artichokes and chicken, that should satisfy.

How about a very sophisticated dish that would wow any foodie?  After you set the table, be ready to write menu cards for each place setting,  Tendron de Veau avec Artichauts (braised veal breast with artichokes).   I don’t know what will impress your guests more, this dish or the fact that you had menu cards with the entree in French!

Artichoke soup is very comforting in the middle of winter, as is a good stew.

So there you have it, some varied recipes all inspired by the versatile artichoke.

Bon Appetit!



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