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Foodie Friday – Getting Your Grill On….

by SirLady on July 5, 2013


We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!  Where is the time going?!

Everyone seems to have an opinion about grilling and Summer Entertaining; Propane vs Charcoal, what type of potato chip should be present and what constitutes a real cold brew.

Andrew Knowlton (aka the foodist) shares his opinion on the above.

Then there is the debate over how to make a proper brisket.  Texas-style or nothing for most folk.

Ever wonder how a Michelin-star chef grills steak at home?  We did.  Eric Ripert does NOT disappoint, he inspires.

Ripert is known for seafood, so it was nice to see him grill a porterhouse, but what about grilling Oysters – Yum!

We never met a BLT we didn’t like, and then we heard about grilling your BLT – Sold!

Thank you to Bon Appetite for all there wonderful tips and takes on Grilling.  For more amazing receipts and Know-how go to www.bonappetit.com

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