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Music Monday – Getting a Gig in The Hudson Valley – Kirsten DeHaan Live at New World Home Cooking

by SirLady on October 1, 2012

So you’ve honed your chops in front of the mirror at home, played for your family and friends and maybe even have a CD out – you wanna know how to break into the music scene here in the Hudson Valley/ Catskills.  The Almanac did a very nice comprehensive piece on all the venues in the area that offer live music and how to get your name in the hat – check it out.

They also did a nice write up (below) on one of our favorite venues (and restaurants), New World Home Cooking.  In the newly refurbished back room, an intimate space for music, food and drink.

This Wednesday night, October 3rd 7:00 PM, Kirsten DeHaan will be performing.  

1411 Route 212

Saugerties, NY 12477

(845) 246-0900

Foodies across the Hudson Valley have long recognized New World Home Cooking as an amazing place to sample unique flavors from around the world. New World’s popular live music offerings reflect a similar eclectic worldview.

“I look for performers with spirit,” said Sid Orlando, New World’s events manager. “When I listen to the music people send me, I want to feel them as people, be able to imagine their presence onstage. I also really appreciate a good lyricist. Of course, I try to pick music that will please the audience, and consider the sound dynamics in our space as well. This leads me to booking lots of solo singer/songwriters whose songs tell stories and whose voices are something special; they captivate the crowd.”

Orlando said that much of New World’s current focus is on its women’s music showcases. “For these events, the energy in the room is critical,” she said. “I try to create an environment of inclusion, respect and a kind of closeness between performers and the audience. It feels intimate, personal and warm. It should be an opportunity for new musicians to knock down their stage fright, for experienced performers to try something out of their comfort zones, for anyone to feel comfortable playing their most personal song, and for the audience to be privy to these amazing experiments in music.”

In addition to music, Orlando also books burlesque and drag shows for New World: further proof that spirit is the order of the day. For the full schedule, visit http://ricorlando.com/nwhc.

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