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Music Monday – It is (almost) Here!

by SirLady on October 8, 2012


They say good things come to those that wait.  You have waited and waited and finally, tomorrow is the release of Kirsten DeHaan’s new album, PURUSA!

Don’t you ever wonder what certain album names mean?

Today and through the course of this week, we will give you a “gateway” into PURUSA.  First a little background.

DeHaan recorded  PURUSA at the World-class residential recording facility, Clubhouse, in Rhinebeck, NY.  The word PURUSA is used to denote the soul.  Deriving from the Indo-Germanic root, the word “Person”  per = through son= sound; thus a person is one who is known through sound.  The soul is affected not only through sound, but all sensory exposure. In the spirit of PURUSA, in order to be our best self, we must collaborate.



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