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And Now, A Word From and About Our Sponsor, Ric Orlando

by SirLady on October 11, 2012



Ric Orlando is a rock star, literally!  In the kitchen and whenever he can get on his instrument, life is good. A two time Food Network Chopped Champion (TM), Restauranteur,  and cookbook author.

We could not have been more thrilled for Ric to be our sponsor not just because he throws down in the kitchen, but he talks the talk and walks the walk.  His philosophy on food is simple.  It should be clean and damn good.

When Ric was approached about the event, he “got it” and was finishing our sentences.  Here is Ric’s philosophy  on the correlation between music and food:

“Some people are artists and some are performers. I’m lucky to be a little bit of both. In my brain music and cooking are very much alike. Developing dishes is like writing songs. No one makes up music out of the clear blue sky. You’re influenced by things that happen and other music you hear. I once wrote a song that was played on a college radio station and a buddy of mine said, “Doesn’t that sound a lot like Ruby Tuesday?” I never realized it!

In food development I eat at other places and read magazines. The development of the menu is like production, and the restaurant is like a gig — that’s where we make sure we’re tight and the harmonies are right and everything is coming together. And that’s where you get applause — for the service.”

We cannot wait to see and taste how Ric interpreted each of the five songs on PURUSA, into food tomorrow night.  For all those in attendance, who cannot get enough of the food and wants more, Ric is also offering 10% off dinner at New World Home Cooking and who knows maybe there may be a impromptu jam between Ric and Kirsten….. that could be epic!
****Kirsten DeHaan will be interviewed today at 1:30PM and again at 4:00PM on WKZE, 98.1 in the Hudson Valley or listen online/ on your smart phone http://wkze.com/listenlive  talking about this dynamic collaboration********

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