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Woodstock Wednesday – Levon Helm Boulevard

by SirLady on February 27, 2013

A road that leads into Woodstock could soon be named for one of the town’s most famous former residents.

State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has introduced legislation calling for state Route 375, from the intersection of state Route 28 in West Hurley to the intersection of state Route 212 in Woodstock, to be designated “Levon Helm Memorial Boulevard.”

Helm, Grammy Award winner  drummer, singer, and longtime member of The Band, died last April at age 71 after battling throat cancer.

Helm was born in Arkansas but found his way to way to Ulster County in the late 1960s, when he and other members of The Band moved into a West Saugerties house that would come to be known as Big Pink.

He eventually settled into a home on Plochmann Lane home in Woodstock, and it was there that he performed his “Midnight Ramble” concerts in the later years of his life.

The stretch of Route 375 that might be named for Helm is close to the Plochmann Lane house.

Levon Helm Studios which was opened in 1975 brought legendary musicians to our area including Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, Phil Lesh, Kris Kristofferson, The Black Crows, and many others.  With his Midnight Rambles he was able to return the music culture of Woodstock to the levels for which it was once known.

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