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Woodstock Wednesdays – Mountain Jam

by SirLady on May 2, 2012

When we were in England last year for the Hop Farm Fest, we told new friends we were from Woodstock, the witty Brits replied “Oh you know a thing or two about throwing a festival, don’t you?”

We don’t have to rest on our 1969 laurels because Radio Woodstock throws a hell of a festival called Mountain Jam!  This year Ben Folds Five with be reunited, Steve Windwood is headlining, Michael Franti and Spearhead will be making their seventh (!) consecutive appearance and up and coming bands (loving Dawes & Trombone Shorty) will be gracing the stage and many many many more:

Hurry up and get your tickets!   This is such a popular event that when the fest is done, people are already making their plans for the next year.  You can camp on the mountain (in our older age we are liking the luxury camping option) or you can stay in nearby hotels (there are plenty due to the ski season at all prices points).

Every week night at 8PM you can tune into Radio Woodstock (online) and listen to Mountain Jams of past, DJ Drew is diving into the archives.  If your a spotify member check out the playlist for Mountain Jam.

No car?  No problem.  There is a luxury bus that will be busing in NYC residents (only $39).  This is such a well run fest that they have anticipated all your needs.  Your a vegetarian and not into the same old same old hotdog and hamburger fare…. then you would be very happy with the food options at the fest; featuring the best restaurants and food trucks in the Hudson Valley.  A general store has all the camping gear and other things you didn’t know you needed until you settled in.

No wonder Rolling Stone Magazine, along with many other noteworthy national publications, consistently rates Mountain Jam as one to the top music festivals in the country.

Rock On!





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